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Ian Coombe,
passionate about helping people learn
how to make superior decisions for
more control and superiority for better lives.




Ian’s first book, WIKID POWER – How To Make Influential Decisions for Superiority, explains the key element of what the military wanted classified beyond TOP SECRET. The process required to make decisions to win. It is written in a conversational way and is salted with a myriad of Ian’s wonderful and amazing stories. It also conveys a very strong set of lessons that will easily be absorbed without effort!

WIKID POWER explains many other theories and makes them redundant. These are explained in the book. If you want to know all about decision making – this is the only authoritative reference source you’ll ever need. A must for any bookshelf.

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WIKID Power Paperback Book How to make influential decisions for superiority

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WIKID Power eBook How to make influential decisions for superiority

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WIKID Power Audiobook How to make influential decisions for superiority

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Make the WIKID decision to get the book NOW – and learn how to make decisions to take control.

Keynote Speaker | Media Comment

There’s nothing better than the man himself! Ian is the man behind WIKID POWER; he grappled with the issue of decision making for military superiority and developed what is now known as WIKID POWER.

Ian Coombe Keynote Speaker and Media Commentator

His book outlines how it works.

His talks are another thing altogether.

Ian has been the opening keynote speaker at Australia’s highest military intelligence course two years running and has presented WIKID POWER to authorities in the UK and USA. He has also presented at international conferences and as a guest at the National Press Club. He has been sought out by national TV, radio and print for comment.

Ian’s graphics are to be seen to be believed and his injection of passion and humour means that the message will never be forgotten. He is entertaining, informative and relevant – able to tailor his presentations for any industry or situation. Takeaway how-to value abounds.

Contact us for Ian’s availability to speak with insight about decision-making to win
– or as we say –
“decisioning superiority”.


Ian offers select clients the opportunity to have a tailored workshop for their particular situation or group.

Ian Coombe Workshop on Decision-Making

Clients may receive a presentation on both the transformation and the framework as well as workshops on how to apply them.

Whilst listening and reading helps the message get through, hands on engagement is always much more impacting. Only a workshop, where everyone gets involved, can drive the message home for lasting value. Ian’s facilitation skills and experience ensures everyone becomes involved, learns and practices in a non-confronting and enjoyable atmosphere. Teamwork and spirit will grow and decision-making will never be the same!

Contact us to see when Ian is able to personally practice your team making decisions to win more.
And since “winners make WIKID decisions”, what will you decide?



Sometimes, a presentation or workshop is not quite enough and that extra special attention is needed. Decision-making consulting may be needed in these circumstances.

In some cases, a one-off consultancy is required to breakthrough a particular issue.

Other times, more regular attention may be needed to break out of old ways and to introduce WIKID POWER in a sustainable way.

Whatever your situation requiring special assistance, a consulting program can be tailored depending on availability.

Contact us for more details about being a decisioning leader.