Decision Making




a 5-step formula
for decision-making


a decision process
that describes all 35,000 decisions made daily


a control mechanism
for life and business


so incredibly effective and valuable
national authorities wanted it classified
beyond Top Secret – but it is now


a way to improve your
approach to decisions and
improve your

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What People Say

… model of WIKID Power is absolutely powerful. His speaking skills are phenomenal. I really see Ian continuing to help us in the healthcare world and also the corporate world … making better decisions, saving lives, improving financial outcomes of organisations. Really strongly recommend Ian as your next speaker
Dr Avi Ratnanesan

CEO, Energesse

… Ian’s all about decision making, all about leadership and superiority… His book WIKID Power, has everything you need to make the right decision…I highly recommended you having Ian Coombe at one of your workshops

Phuong Phan

Radio Host, 89.3FM

WIKID POWER … has ways and means to make decisions a lot clearer and concise ….
Mike Solomon

Mine Site Security Supervisor, Falck Safety Services (Global)

Ian engaged the audience really well … right focus on the topic … loved it …. I got a lot of things from this talk
Dr Sanjay Mali

Principal and General Dentist, Shree Family Dental Care

Oh My God! Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Speaker! …… After hearing Ian speak, I have become a much better decision maker today and I’m going to carry that on. Ian, thank you so much.
Debbie Small

CEO & Founder, Empowerment Point

If you struggle with making decisions, Ian is the man to see. I was blown away by his systems, what he has divulged … definitely worth catching up with this guy
Leo Coco

Senior Information Technology Project Manager‎, Woolworths

Throughout the entire session he blew my mind. He has a lot of techniques and ways to help people make superior decisions.
Kheng Tan

Project Manager

… amazing speaker … highly recommend … leadership speaker … Ian knows exactly what it takes … 
Sam Cawthorn

CEO & Founder, Speakers Institute

WIKID POWER …. absolutely necessary for all corporates, business and individuals to get a hold of this … best decision making system and formula I have found on the planet to date
Nate Anema

CEO & Founder, 1000 Fold Results

WIKID POWER gives you understanding of how to make the best decision possible … thank you Ian for your amazing clarity in the process of decision-making … I have the where for all to make the right decisions … for my best outcome every time. I recommend WIKID POWER to anybody who wants to be the best … give you the power to be superior in anything you want.
Simone Feiler Clark

Owner, Brisbane Audiobook Production

… insightful … simplified introduction to decision-making … perfect novel for anyone of all ages who wants to learn a little bit more about making decisions … made me understand the types of decisions … in a way that everyone can understand … amazing book for all ages … loved the book … 
Melody (14), Sunny (14) and Michaela (11)


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