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Decision Making







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a transformation that shows you how every action you take depends on one of 35,000 decisions we make every day


a decision process and decision-making formula that delivers success, power and superiority over any situation


something more used and impacting than arithmetic, yet not taught


something national authorities wanted classified beyond Top Secret – it is now

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What People Say

… model of WIKID Power is absolutely powerful. His speaking skills are phenomenal. I really see Ian continuing to help us in the healthcare world and also the corporate world … making better decisions, saving lives, improving financial outcomes of organisations. Really strongly recommend Ian as your next speaker

Dr Avi Ratnanesan

CEO, Energesse

WIKID POWER … has ways and means to make decisions a lot clearer and concise ….

Mike Solomon

Mine Site Security Supervisor, Falck Safety Services (Global)

Ian engaged the audience really well … right focus on the topic … loved it …. I got a lot of things from this talk

Dr Sanjay Mali

Principal and General Dentist, Shree Family Dental Care

Oh My God! Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Speaker! …… After hearing Ian speak, I have become a much better decision maker today and I’m going to carry that on. Ian, thank you so much.

Debbie Small

CEO & Founder, Empowerment Point

If you struggle with making decisions, Ian is the man to see. I was blown away by his systems, what he has divulged … definitely worth catching up with this guy

Leo Coco

Senior Information Technology Project Manager‎, Woolworths

Throughout the entire session he blew my mind. He has a lot of techniques and ways to help people make superior decisions.

Kheng Tan

Project Manager

WIKID POWER …. absolutely necessary for all corporates, business and individuals to get a hold of this … best decision making system and formula I have found on the planet to date

Nate Anema

CEO & Founder, 1000 Fold Results

WIKID POWER gives you understanding of how to make the best decision possible … thank you Ian for your amazing clarity in the process of decision-making … I have the where for all to make the right decisions … for my best outcome every time. I recommend WIKID POWER to anybody who wants to be the best … give you the power to be superior in anything you want.

Simone Feiler Clark

Owner, Brisbane Audiobook Production