Ian Coombe,

passionate about helping people learn
how to make superior decisions for
more control and superiority for better lives.



Ian’s style is eclectic.


As a world authority on decision-making, all Ian’s books are about various aspects of this topic!


His books have been on international bestseller lists for:

  • decision-making,
  • problem-solving,
  • business,
  • management and leadership,
  • self-help, and
  • children’s books.

He has been a #1 Amazon Bestseller and #1 Hottest New Release for all of his books.

Amazon number 1 bestselling author


His first non-fiction book is a comprehensive reference guide for making decisions. It is written in a simple and conversational style that appeals to anyone wanting to make better decisions – in their life, home or work.

His series of fiction books are deliberately written to be read from start to finish over a cuppa. Ideal for those 8-108 who can’t find time for a full-length book, these are easily consumable with a simple moral at the end of every WIKID fable! All stories are used to highlight a decision-making: 

  • mistake to avoid always,
  • strategy for various situations, or
  • tip for use in all decisions.



Formats & Stores


There are still a great deal of you who love reading paperbacks. Yet, increasingly, we find ourselves with less time than we want for this. Ian’s books are available in

  • Paperback – for the traditional readers
  • Audiobook – for those who love to be productive while doing other things like commuting or chores
  • Ebook & Kindle – for the practical who like to have their whole library on their phone
  • USB (2, C & micro) – as a special gift


As an international bestseller, Ian’s books can be found across the world and are  available from all leading retailers:

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Make the WIKID decision to get these books NOW – and learn how to make decisions to take control.



WIKID-POWER-Book-Bundle500x250Ian’s first book, WIKID POWER: How to Make Influential Decisions for Superiority, hit #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller list and Hottest New Releases list before it was launched. It explains the 5-step decision-making process that was so effective at winning that the military wanted it classified beyond TOP SECRET. It is written in a conversational way and is salted with a myriad of Ian’s wonderful and amazing stories. WIKID POWER explains many other theories and makes them redundant. If you want to know all about decision making – this is the only authoritative reference source you’ll ever need. A must for any bookshelf.

WIKID Fables


Ian Coombe Book Bundle with drafts Fables onlyIdeal for ages 8 to 108!

Ian is transforming the magical literary world of fables into the contemporary world. No longer just for children, adults too are finding less time to read full books and are appreciating a quick story while they have their daily cuppa! With the traditional moral at the end of each story, the WIKID Fables tackle one decision-making topic at a time. There is no better way to learn than through story and Ian’s style is literary genius that adults and children alike love!

All about decisions, all people of all backgrounds can immediately relate to the stories which are craftily written inclusively to be culture, gender and family structure neutral.


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There’s nothing better than the man himself! Ian is the world’s authority on decision-making and creator of:

  • #1 bestselling book WIKID POWER – the 5 step decision-making formula is so effective that the military wanted to classify it above Top Secret.
  • The Decision Quotient, DQ – the modern personality analysis that brings the 100 year old Intelligence Quotient IQ (head) and 50 year old Emotional Quotient EQ (heart) into the new millennium. People today find that knowing decision-making DQ is more important than knowing IQ or EQ.
  • WIKID Fables – bringing old-fashioned story-telling into the new era with ebooks, audio books and pocket-sized paperbacks that you can consume with your daily cuppa. One decision-making topic per fable. One moral at the end of every fable. School children love them and learn from them with delight.

Ian Coombe WIKID book signing

Ian has long queues at his book signings! They get a lot of attention.

Contact us for Ian’s availability to do a talk and book signing at your event or bookshop.