Ian Coombe,

passionate about helping people learn
how to make superior decisions for
more control and superiority for better lives.


Everyone makes a decision before every action. The decision determines the consequences of actions. Some decisions work out better than others.

Those that wish to succeed learn how to make better decisions.

WIKID POWER shows how to make influential decisions for superiority. It was developed for the military to give advantage over all others. Hence, it is what national authorities wanted to classify beyond TOP SECRET.

It unambiguously defines words that are incorrectly used interchangeably. Like data, knowledge, information, wisdom, intelligence. Only those who don’t know how to make decisions, incorrectly use those words now.

WIKID POWER supersedes well established concepts such as intelligence and decision cycles.

Those that don’t use WIKID POWER are probably having it used on them!


Ian Coombe instigated Army’s Information Management Manual. The purpose of IM and the definition of information was vital.

The decision-making purpose was clear but definitions were inconsistent. Definitions were resolved as a decision process unfolded. Yet decisions for superiority differ from “any old decision”. Superiority is important for the military – second is not an option!

Ian’s WIKID POWER decision-making process was so successful national authorities wanted to classify it beyond TOP SECRET.

Ian’s WIKID POWER has now been presented in London, Washington and Canberra at the highest levels as well as in national intelligence and information warfare courses. It is quoted in books, papers, policies, courses and media.

WIKID POWER is now available to those that want to make better decisions. Ian delivers it according to how seriously you want to be at the top: as a book, ebook, audiobook, keynote presentation, workshop or coaching.

About Ian Coombe

Ian Coombe grew up in a traditional family with an older brother and younger sister. As a middle child, trying to gain advantage was a quest that thrilled him! Good decisions were critical, yet poor decisions offered frequent learning opportunities!

One fateful decision nearly cost him his dream career and four years of sacrifice. Yet at that same moment, another decision proved key to his life passion.

Helping people make better decisions that achieve great things is his passion. He has:

  • persistently given of himself to help others: Army, Mentoring, Charities, Coaching.
  • studied and researched at all levels to better understand and serve.
  • presented and facilitated decision-making internationally at the highest levels.
  • been on both sides of the Boardroom table and mentored CEOs and business owners.

To help yet more people make decisions for superiority, he has produced a how-to book, speaks professionally at international and corporate conferences, conducts workshops for aspiring groups and in a very few cases, provides one-on-one coaching.