You’ve heard of IQ and EQ
now there’s DQ!

The best teams combine different decision-making personalities
to make the best decisions!

Your Decision Quotient, DQ, shows how you make decisions.

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We make 35,000 decisions every day.*

Every action we take is the result of a decision – no matter how insignificant or important.
Many consequences involve great costs – with finances, time, business, relationships and in many other areas.

Make decisions with less pain and more success.

The Decision Quotient will help you better understand your strengths regarding in each of your three facets of decision-making  –  Logic, Personal and Social.

Understanding the report will help you make better decisions in all areas of your life – as an individual, team or enterprise.

A few minutes could make all the difference to your decisions’ results.

IQ and EQ are no longer sought as indications of success.
Many personality tests, don’t help you understand how to make better decisions for more success.
Employers are now seeking to know your decision-making strengths – and how they’ll benefit the enterprise.

There is no right or wrong with your Decision Quotient, DQ
– we simply need to know it to understand how to make better decisions
– and how to fit all different styles into the team.

Careers and relationships benefit from knowing how to make better decisions – it could be make or break.
Get a head start and start building your decision-making strengths and expertise highlighted in your DQ report.